Welcome to Impressions - Leading Digital Print in Malta

Utilising Breakthrough Technology

Impressions Limited revolutionary HP Indigo digital offset press is designed for short to moderate on demand and Personalized printing projects requiring high-quality full colour offset for Same Day Service.

The press is Unique and has a completely 100% digital front end, with "on-the-fly colour switching" which allows it to create a new separation in a different colour with every rotation of the press, which in turn translates to better registration. Capable of automatic duples printing and electronic collation.
NO Films, NO Matchprints, No Plates are used in the process.
Combined with high resolution imaging of 1751lpi (390dpi), Indigo's liquid inks produce rich, deep vibrant colours. Delivering prints dry to touch substantially reducing delivery times. No more warehousing outdated printed materials that will eventually be thrown away. Print Only what you need, when you need it!
Q: What are the Key Benefits ?

    Key Benefits Include:
  • No initial costs for films or Plates. We print straight from your digital data
  • Produce a Press proof on stock on which the job will run.
  • Inline densitometer provides consistent colour throught your job.
  • Print what you need! Printing quantities as few as one.
  • Cost effective enough to change as many print design as required
  • Fast turnaround times when you need it.
  • Full colour duplex printing
  • Sharp images on various paper substrates, adhesive stickers and polyester transparancies.
  • Most software applications accepted in Mac ort PC
  • Electronic Collation
  • Versioning, personalization and customization options
  • Variable data, every printed piece can be totally different from the other
  • Durability of colours in ultra violet-conditions superior to conventional offset
  • Printing "Dry to touch" Print finishing can be performed immediately.

The digital revolution is here to stay, and you can choose to "digitize" or "fossilize".