Pre Media

With extensive training and  thirty years of experience working with offshore companies, printers, graphic designers, web design developers and photographers, we have developed a specialised team of fully trained experts that will enhance your  pre-media work to a very high end professional level. Imagery is meant to impress!

Key to our process is using world class hi-end soft-proofing techniques while working up each task in a carefully planned series of small quality enhancement steps. Calibrated colour proofs can also be provided, even for newsprint.

Our image editing customers around the globe have benefited from our level of expertise, quick turnaround time and cost-effective services. If your organization is providing pre press solutions, then we can help you handle your workload, increase your digital work quality and standards.

You can be assured that we will take care of all your requirements from beginning to end. Put your mind at rest and impress your customers with flawless images.